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Welcome to VTC Motorcycle Restorations

What We Do

At VTC Motorcycle Restoration, we are offer a wide range of services for any type of classic motorcycle. This includes classic motorcycle restoration, motorbike service work, motorcycle parts repair work, classic motorcycle pre-MOT assessments, and soon we will be able to offer full MOT work on any type of classic motorcycle.

At VTC Motorcycle Restoration, we restore and lovingly bring back to life all types of classic motorcycle. No matter what type, age, or condition of classic motorcycle, we can fully restore it back to its former glory. We have vast experience of working on a whole range of amazing classic motorcycles, including Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Viatka, BMW, Ducati, Suzuki, KTM.

Our Services

    Motorcycle Restoration
    Motorbike Servicing
    Motorbike Repairs
    Motorbike Conversion Work
    Single Carburetor Conversions

How it works

All restoration work is performed in Vilnius Lithuania at VTC Motors workshop. From most of EU countries we are able to pick up your project bike and deliver it back once it's finished. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Tel. +370 62106597


We speak English, Polish, German, Lithuanian and Italian