Honda Goldwing GL1000-1100 Single Carburetor Manifold

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Honda Goldwing GL1000-1100 single carburetor manifold

Designed and engineered to convert a four carb configuration into one, avoiding four carb maintenance, especially synchronization and improves fuel efficiency.

Manifold is designed to use low maintenance VW Type 1 EMPI 34 PICT-3 carb

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Steel single carb manifold for Honda Goldwing GL1000-1100 is professionally designed and engineered by VTC motors

This listing is for only. Please see other listings for additional colors (blue, black or silver)

Designed to fit Honda Goldwing GL1000-1100 and GL1200 models. NOTE! For GL1200 models an intake elbows of GL1100 are required to mount the manifold on the engine.

Using this manifold avoids four carb maintenance, especially synchronization and improves fuel efficiency

Manifold is designed to convert a four carburetor configuration into one and use low maintenance VW Type 1 EMPI 34 PICT-3 carb.

If you need the carb as well, please see our listing that includes both the carb and the manifold. A listing that includes a Solex carb is also available. These listings are shown only in black, but we are very able to provide you with both a carb and a red manifold

All parts from VTC motors are carefully inspected prior to shipping and our positive feedback shows our commitment to our buyers and their loyalty to our products

Printed installation instructions with pics will be included with the part. Simple instructions listed below.

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CHROME powder coating finish (very durable)

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Installation Guide
Goldwing Single Carburetor Conversion

Setup used only a single throttle control cable. Decelerate control and choke will not be used.

1.    Remove intake boots, control cables, fuel lines etc.
2.    Remove existing carb setup. Note: Remove carb assembly from left side of engine. Removal of right front air piston cap will aid in removal on some models
3.    Install intake boots onto new manifold making sure rubber flanges are in good condition
4.    Install new manifold with intake boots back on engine and reinstall flange bolts
5.    Tighten boot clamps with 1” stainless 10-32 bolts (These are needed due to the larger diameter runners)
6.    Install carb w/throttle control on the right side (Throttle cable bracket side)
7.    Locate positive + electrical source (any live wire to the ignition will do and fuse box under top cover is the best location)
8.    Connect 2 wires (positive + terminal) upper screw, right side of fuse box and verify
9.    Connect 1 wire (negative – terminal) lower screw, right side of fuse box and verify
10.    One positive + wire attaches to the electrical choke, the other positive + wire attaches to the air cut valve
11.    Attach ground wire to carb body
12.    Install fuel line, throttle cable and optional air filter
13.    Turn ignition to ON position with engine in cutoff position
14.    Crank engine a few times to allow fuel into carb
15.    Recheck all connections (clamps, cables, fuel lines)
16.    Start engine and idle for a few minutes
17.    Decelerator cable should be removed to avoid cable jamming and choke cable can be zip tied inside tank cover
18.    Get out of the garage and hit the road